October 20, 2010

George Spiggott: Now, I’m God, This is my thrown, you see? All around me are the cherubim, seraphim, continually crying Holy Holy Holy, the angels, arch-angels — that sort of thing. Now, you’ll be me, Lucifer.. the loveliest angel of them all.

Stanley Moon: What do I do?

George Spiggott: Well, sorta dance around, praising me mainly.

Stanley Moon: What sorta things do I say?

George Spiggott: Anything that comes into your head that’s nice: how beautiful I am, how wise I am, how handsome.. that sorta thing. Come on, start dancing!

Stanley Moon: You’re wise, you’re beautiful, you’re handsome

George Spiggott: Thank you very much.

Stanley Moon: The Universe, what a wonderful idea, take my hat off to you.

George Spiggott: Thank you

Stanley Moon: Trees..terrific! Water, another good one!

George Spiggott: That was a good one.

Stanley Moon: Yes. Sex, top marks!

George Spiggott: Now, make it more personal, a bit more fulsome please.

Stanley Moon: Immortal, invincible, you’re handsome, you’re glorious, you’re the most beautiful person IN THE WORLD — I’m getting a bit bored with this, can’t we change places?

George Spiggott: That’s exactly how I felt.

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